• Every Room
  • Clear clutter and wipe down surfaces.
  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Vacuum and mop floors.
  • Empty rubbish bins.
  • Clean your:
  • blinds
  • window sills
  • door frames
  • door handles
  • light switches
  • power points
  • intercoms
  • lamps
  • light shades
  • bulbs
  • picture frames
  • skirting boards
Lounge Room

Vacuum your sofa and underneath it and other moveable furniture.
Position sofa’s cushions and throw rugs.


Clean all your amenities, with attention to the little details like your mirrors, shelves, cabinets, vanities, toilet seats and cisterns.
Wipe down your mirrors and any glass.
Polish your fixtures.
Remove hair on the floor, cupboards and drawers.


Take everything out of the fridge, wipe it down and replace non-perishables.
Put away any clean dishes that are in your dishwasher or drying rack.
Dust and clean the outside of your appliances.
Clean and polish your sink and taps.
Thoroughly wipe down all surfaces, including your rangehood and cooktop.


Strip and make beds
Position pillows

Intensive cleaning services like deep oven cleans, mould removal, scrubbing walls, carpet cleaning and exterior window cleaning are currently not included in our standard rates. We will report on the condition of your home and if intensive cleaning is required this can be arranged through our booking platform for an additional fee.

All of our housekeepers use public transport to travel and therefore are unable to carry bulky items such as vacuums, mops and buckets. Please ensure you have these in your property and we ask if you can please make them available for our housekeepers to use.

Our housekeeping professionals are all sourced from 5 star hotels and are friendly, reliable and insured. Each housekeeper is extensively screened and certified in person and must pass a number of background and reference checks before they can be admitted onto our database. Housekeepers are frequently checked for quality and consistency ensuring a guest ready clean each and every time.

We always notify you via email as soon as your property is serviced, giving you peace of mind that your guests are arriving to a beautifully clean home.

We pride ourselves on punctuality and have built our business around it. That said, traffic and parking difficulties have the potential to cause delays. If 15 minutes has passed from the scheduled start of the service and your housekeeper has not arrived, please notify Hometime’s customer support team who will ensure a housekeeper is sent right away.

Our booking process super easy. Simply create an account, enter the details of your home and follow the prompts.

Visit our service map to see if we’re operating in your suburb. If not, let us know: we’d like to have all areas covered in the very near future.

We send you a confirmation email straight after you complete your online booking and, once a housekeeper has been assigned to your home you will be sent another notification. Once the service has been completed (you guessed it!) we send another email to confirm. This one will also have your invoice attached as we only charge once the service has been completed.

You may cancel at no charge up until 24 hours before your service is scheduled. If you cancel within the 24 hour window you will incur a cancellation fee as per the fee schedule.

Great, we love these and the personal touch they bring to your guests! We encourage you to include as much detail as possible when creating your listing. This will be automatically saved for future services and you can always edit if things change.

Yes of course! Part of Hometime’s value proposition is that it allows you to automate your property. That said, we do not manage guest access as part of the pay per service option so recommend you explore using a secure lock box or a remote entry solution.

Bookings cannot be edited at this time but, if you have entered the wrong information, simply cancel your current booking and make a new one. You will not be charged for cancelling as long as you give at least 24 hours notice.

We require 48 hours notice to ensure a great housekeeper is assigned to your property. You should therefore aim to organise your booking as soon as your guests are confirmed. If it’s an emergency, give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate it.

Absolutely! We can service your property between our check in/out window: 10am to 3pm. You just need to make sure that there are no guests in the property during this time.

Due to the logistical demands of scheduling housekeepers across multiple properties we ask that you coordinate your check-in/out times in line with our turnover window of 10am-3pm.

This is completely up to you! As long as you have provided a means for us to access your property feel free to leave it to us.

If we are unable to access your property for a scheduled service, the housekeeper will wait up to 15 minutes whilst trying to make contact with you. If access is still unresolved after this period you will be charged a small access failure fee as noted on the fee schedule.

We only ever charge once your housekeeping service is complete. An invoice will automatically be sent via email as well as uploaded onto your account for your records.

There’s no need to rush to the cash machine before your housekeeper arrives: we provide a secure and convenient payment gateway so you can use your credit card. All payments must be made through the booking portal.

Absolutely! We process all payments through stripe which meets all PCI-DSS requirements.

Everything: the whole kit and caboodle. We create and optimize your listing, manage it across Airbnb, take care of guest bookings, key handovers, categories.housekeeping, turndown, maintenance, and guest communication before, during and after each stay. If you want more information, head to our services page.

Hardly anything – that’s why we call it hands-off hosting. If you’ve never listed your property on Airbnb before, you’ll need to create a basic listing to verify your account. Aside from that, you’ll need to provide us with your property’s availability so we can be sure we’re booking guests in for the right dates. Finally, you’ll need to have a vacuum, mop and bucket in your property which our housekeepers can use. Everything else is on us.

Absolutely! Hometime is a great solution for hosts of all experience, from those just starting out to seasoned professionals.

This depends on your property. Someone who rents out a three bedroom investment property year round will obviously make more than someone who only rents their studio when they’re out of town. The good news is that after our first meeting, we’ll be able to give you a very clear indication of what your place will earn.

Firstly, we help you earn more. We know the short term rental market inside out and understand what works in a listing and how to get yours right to the top of search results. Our ability to continuously optimise the nightly rate using our smart pricing data means that we’re maximizing your income, every day of the week. We also know how to provide a wonderful guest experience and are perfectionists when it comes to guest communication, property presentation and thoughtful touches. We put so much time and effort into this because wonderful guest experiences lead to glowing reviews, which add to the perceived value of your property. More demand leads to better occupancy rates and higher income. Secondly, we take all the hassle out of hosting. With us, there’s no more waiting around for guests at check-in, no more sweaty summertime cleaning sessions, no more last-minute attempts to dry hand towels with the hairdryer, and no more missing out on a booking request because you were in a plane over the Atlantic. It’s just peace of mind, excellent reviews and more money in your pocket.

We’ve got that covered on our .

Every property we manage has a defined maintenance budget set by the owner. This budget is used for any urgent repairs on your property, particularly those which impact your guests’ experience, like a broken tap or a faulty oven. If your guests find something which needs repair during (or after) their stay, they’ll contact us and, if the cost of the repair falls within your preset maintenance budget, we’ll organize the fix. If the cost is larger than your budget, we’ll always contact you to gain your permission to coordinate the repair. This arrangement means your guests’ stay won’t be negatively impacted by common maintenance issues and you won’t get any surprise bills. Your maintenance budget is one of the things we talk about when we first meet, so don’t worry if you have no idea what sort of limit you should set: we have the knowledge and experience to help you out.

Nothing in life is risk free and renting out your place is no exception. This said, we have a number of processes in place to minimize these risks so that the worst you’ll suffer should be the odd broken tea-cup. The risk management process starts with our guest screening services, which weed out any undesirable visitors, as well as those that don’t fit your individual criteria. We also check your property between guests so if something is damaged or missing, we’ll know about it. As an extra precaution, we strongly encourage you to consider lockable storage for any valuable items you don’t want getting into your guests’ hands and we can help you sort through the relevant options. We also suggest setting up your home with Sharecover – insurance designed specifically for short term rental properties. We go through all of this in our first meeting because we want you to feel safe and secure when it comes to renting out your place.

Click here to leave your details or, if you like to make the first move, you can contact us on + 61 (02) 8103 4112 or at support@hometime.io. We’ll chat about your property, answer any questions and set up a time to meet you – and your place - in person.

Hometime’s housekeepers do a lot, but unfortunately they don't have time to wash, dry or fold your sheets and towels. Waiting for washing and drying cycles often causes delays and it's not fair for our housekeepers to have to wait around.

If we find dirty linen at your property we will fold it neatly and leave it in the laundry. Anything left in the washer or dryer will not be touched, please ensure your guests are aware of this and act accordingly. Maybe just use Hometime’s linen ;) it’s always clean, white and comfortable and so easy.

The linen fee includes rental for up to 20 days, however we recommend ordering additional sets for stays longer than 5 days. Please do not wash the linen as this can be damaging.

Hometime’s premium bed linen is the same standard that is used in Australia’s 5-Star hotels. A Queen bed set comprises of 4 pillowcases, 2 flat sheets, a premium top sheet and 4 bath towels to produce an immaculately presented bed. All bed linen is bright, white and commercially laundered and pressed so it looks and feels amazing.

Hometime’s bath towels are fluffy, white and 100% cotton. They are also commercially laundered and add a luxurious feel to your guest bedroom. Additional bathroom linen can be ordered in the form of bathroom sets comprising of 2 face towels, 2 hand towels and a bath mat ensuring a 5 star guest experience. Extra towels and toiletries are also an additional option whilst booking.

Hometime uses a hospitality standard known as triple sheeting, which cocoons the doona between the sheets. Hospital corners ensure that the doona remains tightly secured within the sheets.

We recommend you book a Hometime housekeeping service upon guest departure to:
a) get your place ready for new guests OR
b) have your place professionally cleaned and set for your arrival.
For the above scenarios Hometime’s housekeepers will collect the dirty linen for laundering. If you have Hometime's linen and don't require a subsequent service we can arrange for the dirty linen to be collected from your property for a fee (see the fee schedule below).

No problem. During the booking procedure you have the option to add as much extra linen and towels as you like. This is useful if you have guests staying for a long period or if you have a spare bed that needs to be made.

Fee Logic Charge
Cancellation fee: Applies if booking is cancelled within 24hrs of scheduled service. Used to reimburse housekeeper for lost work. Half of the housekeeping fee for that booking.
Access penalty fee: Applies if housekeeper is unable to access the property within 15 minutes of the scheduled service time. Applicable for a delay of up to 30 mins after which the booking may be cancelled at Hometime's discretion and a cancellation fee applies. $30
Extras: BBQ's, Ovens, Interior Windows deemed extras. Fee schedule as follows:
BBQ $60
Oven $60
Interior Windows $45
Lost / damaged / recovered linen: Applies if linen is lost or returned damaged:
Bed Sheet $50
Pillow Case $15
Bath Towel $20
Face/Hand Towel $20
Bath Mat $20
Linen collection fee $15