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Meet Peter and Margaret
Peter and Margaret are baby boomers who recently moved from their family home in Sydney’s north shore suburb of Manly to a smaller place up the coast in Coffs Harbour. They were able to fund their move to a quieter lifestyle without selling the family home and still holiday there, often with their extended family, a few times a year.
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Opening the door...
During their most recent stay, their youngest daughter suggested they try Airbnb as a way to make some money to furnish their retirement. Peter and Margaret looked into it but remained skeptical. They were hesitant to have strangers stay in their house and unsure how to manage the logistics of holiday letting from 500kms away in their new home of Coffs Harbour.
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Happy hosting
Eventually, they approached Hometime for a chat, sharing their concerns but also expressing interest in how much money they’d be able to make. We took time to address their concerns and answer their questions: we know it can be a big deal to have strangers staying in your property, especially when it’s one that has so much sentimental value attached. They agreed to a trial period and we got everything underway. It’s now eight months later and they haven’t looked back.
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To be honest, we still weren’t sure it was for us when we arranged to meet with Hometime but the way they listened and responded to our concerns made us feel like our property would be in safe hands.
Peter and Margaret, Manly, Sydney
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In the end...
“The assurance that we could dictate available dates and also have some say over who stayed was really valuable so we took the leap. We’re so glad we did. The income we make from our home gives us the ability to live a much more luxurious lifestyle than we’d imagined we’d be living at this stage and there’s no impact on the way we use our place: it’s still very much our home.”
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