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Meet Laura and Tom
Laura and Tom discovered Hometime just before their honeymoon. Feeling a little poorer after reviewing the budget for their big day, the couple decided to bump up their finances by renting out their one bedroom apartment in Sydney’s Bondi Beach for the six weeks they were to be away.
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A great idea in theory...
...but the two soon became frustrated trying to find a booking which offered the most coverage for their property’s availability. The longest booking request they had was for just two weeks: should they accept that and the resulting four week vacancy or should they try and hold out longer for a better match, risking having no guests at all?
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Their decision
In the end they decided neither was a great option and this is where we came in. By handing their property over to us, Laura and Tom were able to accept multiple bookings across the six week period, leaving only three vacant nights in total. As well as increasing their income simply by sheer volume of nights booked, Hometime was able to secure bookings on higher rates over weekends, further adding to the couple’s bank balance.
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It was great. We didn’t have to worry about a thing and we earned so much more than if we’d stuck to our original plan. The Hometime app was great too.
Laura and Tom, Bondi Beach, Sydney
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In the end...
They were so happy with the outcome that they now use Hometime whenever they go away, even if it’s just for a long weekend. They simply send us through the dates they’ll be away and we do the rest, effectively providing them with free holidays year round.
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